SCHOOLBEE, comprehensive school management and administrative software that is highly beneficial to educational institutions
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Parents often complain that they’re not aware of the homework that their children have been assigned in school. They want to help them, but they don’t know how.

SchoolBee ensures that every night, parents know what homework has been assigned during each class period. As a result it significantly increases parental engagement with homework and allows them to support their children on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, it cuts down the workload of teachers and reduces photocopying costs in schools by allowing all teachers to share their learning resources electronically.


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Who we are?

SCHOOLBEE is a comprehensive school management and administrative software that is highly beneficial to educational institutions. Using this software you can monitor the overall working of your whole institution and have a control over its day-to day activities. In addition, parents can also use this software to keep track of their kid’s performance at school. The product you acquire from us has been designed to adopt to a range of platform, to make our services accessible to you wherever you may be. Our product’s flexibility allow you to access them through tablets or mobile phones, whichever suits your style.

What makes us different?

– We provide software enrich with both UI and Functionality.
– User Friendly Dashboards for parent providing detail information of their children activities in the school.
– Direct communication with the Teachers.
– Parents provided with detail info of teachers and classmates of their child.
– Excellent Service (Post implementation).
– Economic.
– High-end Security.
– Ready to manage unexpected changes.